Sunday, 1 February 2015


Recently I have done a mini makeover in my bedroom. What sparked my motivation (not that I need much when it comes to decorating) was that I had my beautiful new curtains installed a few weeks ago! They are stunning, just what I wanted. I'd been waiting a while to be able to afford to have the style I'd dreamt of! They are an S fold style on a double track with sheers overlaying a full block-out curtain at the back. The room feels so luxurious now.

A big thanks to Sarah and Michelle at Bendigo Curtains for making these beauties @
If your needing curtains or blinds or help designing the right window furnishings for your home go and see Sarah and the crew. They have moved into their brand new showroom on High Street in Bendigo, next door to where I work actually. It has been fun helping them design and furnish the fit out the Hi-Light Blinds/Bendigo Curtains new showroom with gorgeous things from my work @

Other things that are new to the room are the bedsides, they were once dowdy old brown ones I picked up second hand that I have brought to life with some paint and handles. I also had this beautiful green leaf fabric that I made a cushion cover out of.  Now I am on the look out for two new reading lamps that fit in with my style to finish off the look!

It is quite a hard room to photograph as it's small and all that light flooding through, well just makes it difficult so i have done my best with the photos!
Hope you like it!

Sunday, 23 November 2014


I put up our Christmas Tree 3 weeks ago! I know, I know, very early but I was inspired after reading a Chrissy magazine and knowing all the weekends leading up to the big day were fully booked out for us that it may be the last lazy Sunday I had to do it! I didn't put much out this year as you will see, it only took me the afternoon and I must say I felt so organised after it was all complete knowing I had many weeks to enjoy it and there wasn't going to be a rush to put the tree up!

I decided that I was going to go with a theme of copper and white. I wasn't prepared to do-away with all the decorations I already had and buy new, I think that's a little extravagant as I would be likely to change the theme again another year. Instead I spray painted some of my old non-sentimental ones copper keeping aside all my white ones I already had and then I bought a few new ones as well.

It was a little windy outside so I set up to spray inside, not a great idea… it was getting a little foggy and the copper overspray would quickly ruin my kitchen! So I made a booth, just one of those plastic storage containers on its side, popped a box inside that that had been poked with toothpicks to rest some decorations on and got spraying outside this time! HaHa

I was really pleased with the result and no one knows they weren't bought that way!

Sorry its been a while since my last post, with everything nearly done around here (except the front yard our next project) I haven't had a lot to blog about. However I am popping the odd thing up on Insta/FB so please check out my pages and follow me!
Carla x

Sunday, 27 July 2014


I came across this pine dresser last month (probably about 10 years old) on a buy and sell page. I'd been on the look out for some type of tallboy or dresser for my bedroom and thought this one had nice clean lines with a straight bevelled edge on the drawer (not rolled) so it was a little more modern straight away. With a few coats of white paint and some new knobs I thought it had heaps of potential so I bought it!
It was fairly easy to paint, I did three coats of white satin after a light sand and undercoat. It only took a few hours of work in total but in-between coats and our busy schedule it was a few weekends to finally get it in my room and filled. I'm really happy with the end result and it fits in our room nicely.
Enjoy the before and afters below!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, I certainly did finishing off this and a few other little jobs around here…

Saturday, 5 July 2014


It's been a long while getting around to decorating Flynn's room, he has always had a nice room but it seemed to be a miss mash of stuff since we moved into this house over 2 years ago. So while he was away for a few days these holidays I made-over his bedroom as a surprise on his return and because the house has been so quiet with them away I didn't know what to do with myself! The starting point for his room was the black and white crosses…. I was originally imagining a charcoal crosses quilt cover set but it seemed that it was quite popular and out of stock at the time I wanted one, then silly me didn't order it. When I decided to decorate I saw the black and white crosses throw rug glaring at me on sale in a shop window and I thought right I'm doing Flynn's room this week! I had already purchased the photographic canvas and the metal arrow shelf and I had scored the transformer posters free from a shop window display. The big pieces of furniture I've had for a long time and the lamp and bedside a from good 'ol Ikea. I found a fairly simple white doona cover with tiny little arrow detail on it which is also reversible to charcoal which will be handy for a change up. The fake white lambswool will be moving to my room I have decided, as it got dirt on it the first moment he walked into his room!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!
Carla x

Sunday, 20 April 2014


We had a fairly busy weekend but it was such a relaxing Easter weekend also. We did the Easter egg hunt and festivities at at our local town park for a few hours, we went to Mass and caught up with some of our wonderful friends. The main excitement for us was the new Chimenea I bought...  I saw that one of my fellow bloggers had found an old Chimenea and did it up, that enthused me to look for one, when I didn't have any luck finding anything second hand I got impatient and went and bought one! We had been meaning to get a fire pit last year but winter came and went and we didn't get around to it. I ended up with a Chimenea rather than a fire pit. I figured it would be less messy and well I just liked it, it comes with a handy cover and you can cook on it, we grilled a banana haha! which was lovely with ice-cream, otherwise Flynn burnt some sticks on it. Next time we're going to do roast potatoes in foil.
I absolutely love it, sitting by the fire on my new couch (details on that later) toasting marshmallows, poking the fire, and getting warm in this chillier weather. It was so lovely all of us sat around together for hours, the girls still had their electronics but it was so nice to be together laughing, chatting and listening to music with my Mum and Dad there also.

About the couch... on Saturday I snapped up an old cane lounge.... about 5 doors down the neighbours had an old red cane setting out on the nature strip for council pick up. I made Mark stop so I could check it out, mmmmm I thought a bit of a cleanup and spray paint it would come up well. I was surprised that my 2 gorgeous girls carried it all the way home for me while I loaded the chairs into the car! 4 cans of spray paint later and the couch piece is done finally in white! It is very comfy and we will get heaps of use out of it. Here are some snaps from our weekend!

Toasting marshmallows 

Nice and toasty as it got darker...

And the cane lounge make-over...


And after!
 I will endeavour to make some proper cushions but these are from my stash for now!

Bella and Flynn enjoying the fire in the Autumn sun that kept popping its head out!

Franklin enjoying the fire too!
 I hope everyone had a great Easter x